Diabetic Foot Care

Experience the importance of Diabetic Foot Care: Diabetes takes a toll on your feet, causing nerve damage and loss of sensation. Even minor cuts, thorns, or blisters can turn dangerous due to reduced blood flow, making healing challenging for diabetics.

A podiatrist is a doctor that treats foot and ankle traumas. If you have diabetes and suspect that you need diabetic foot care, call Diagnostic Foot Specialists today. We have 5 podiatrist offices in Houston and offices in College Station. Call today!

Patients with diabetes may require specialized treatment to ensure the health of their feet. At Diagnostic Foot Specialists, our Houston podiatrists offer a full lineup of treatment options that include specially designed footwear that provide extra protection for diabetic patients. These shoes can reduce swelling and inflammation while creating a protective barrier around delicate tissue, preventing injuries and ensuring the greatest degree of mobility for patients. Understanding the benefits of specialized footwear can help you avoid some of the most serious complications of diabetes.


Benefits of Protective Footwear

Shoes designed specifically by your podiatrist to provide support for patients with diabetes can deliver a number of key benefits:

  • Greater protection against impacts and shocks sustained during regular activities
  • Accommodations for Houston bunion patients and others with abnormalities in the shape of the foot
  • Improved stability for joints and muscles to prevent stress injuries to feet and ankles
  • Limited side-to-side motion of feet while walking or running
  • Protection for feet after surgical procedures and ulcer treatments
  • Reduced fatigue and increased support during athletic activities and fitness regimens

These features can help to protect your feet and ankles while delivering greater comfort and sure footing when managing your daily routine. By entrusting the health of your feet to the professionals at Diagnostic Foot Specialists, you can enjoy the benefits of customized treatment for your feet and your diabetic condition.

Types of Support Footwear for Diabetic Patients

From custom-made shoes to orthotic inserts, the options available for patients with diabetes are constantly expanding. Some of the most commonly used footwear options include the following:

  • Shoes with shock-absorbing soles and insoles to reduce stress on delicate bones, joints and tissues
  • Stabilizing shoes that prevent a range of motion to lower the chance of stress fractures and other injuries
  • Inserts, insoles and orthotic devices designed to correct a specific issue with the way in which the foot addresses the ground
  • Ankle braces to provide added support when walking
  • Custom shoes that use advanced modeling techniques to create a perfect mold of the patient’s foot and to provide the most effective protection for patients with bunions and other foot deformities

At Diagnostic Foot Specialists, we can provide the footwear needed to address Houston foot pain issues for patients with diabetes, allowing you to enjoy greater mobility and increased protection for your feet. Custom footwear can deliver the best possible protection for patients with diabetes and can reduce the risk of injuries and complications that could affect mobility. The foot doctors at Diagnostic Foot Specialists can provide you with the most effective shoes and orthotic inserts for your medical conditions. This can allow you to keep up with your daily activities in greater comfort and without the risks associated with foot and ankle injuries. Give us a call and set up an appointment with a skilled Houston podiatrist today.